Get a FREE List of 200 Commercial Lenders
Who Are Hungry to Fund Your Commercial Mortgage Loan

You can use this site to download a free list of 200 commercial lenders who are hungry to fund commercial real estate loans. If money is a little tight for you right now, just download the free version of The Blackburne List of Commercial Real Estate Lenders. Instructions can be found below.

You can also buy for just $79.95 the complete Blackburne List of 2,500 Commercial Lenders. Please note that we just spent over $30,000 and three months of work in the fourth quarter of 2016 updating this data - and you get the results of all of this hard work for less than $80. A good deal? You betcha.

Is money tight? For just $39.95 you can choose between the Western Region, the Central Region, and the Eastern Region. Each region has at least 750 commercial lenders. In which region is your state? On a subsequent page we break down the regions by state.

This is a no-brainer. Once you have the full version of The Blackburne List of Commercial Real Estate Lenders nationwide, you can easily make a half-dozen phone calls and place the loan yourself. In the process, you could save yourself a $25,000 loan brokerage fee. Would you invest $79.95 to save $25,000? That's almost a year of college tuition for your son or daughter. Helloooooo?

And we here at guarantee our lists.

Why It Makes Sense to Buy a List of Lenders

"But George, why can't I just use Google to search for commercial lenders? Why do I have to shell out cold, hard cash for a list that I can just build myself?"

Remember, you do NOT have to buy one of our lists of commercial lenders. The free version is just a few clicks away. If your deal is squeeky clean, the free version of The Blackburne List is probably all that you'll need.

If you run into resistance, however, you may need a larger list of potential commercial lenders. You can't just use Google to make your search because many states have more than 500 different banks. Which ones are actively making commercial loans? Which bank branch do you call? Which loan officer at that unknown branch handles the bank's commercial loans? Do you see? Pinpointing the right loan officer at the right branch of the right bank is a Herculean task.

And here's another reality. After the massive losses of the Great Recession, a lot of banks are still not making many commercial real estate loans. In many cases, the lenders actually closing commercial loans today are the obscure private money commercial lenders - the lenders often listed in the 125,000th spot on Google. Yikes. Finding them could take you several years, if you ever do find them. All this just to save a lousy $79.95?

How to Download Your FREE List of 200 Commercial Lenders

Please click here to download your free list of 200 commercial lenders. The next page will ask you a little about the commercial loan that you are seeking; but please don't fret. There will be NO CHARGE for your free list of commercial lenders.

Different From the 750 Lenders on C-Loans

Every day the staff of C-Loans, Inc. calls a half- dozen commercial lenders and invites them to join C-Loans. The 2,500 lenders on The Blackburne List are different from the 750 commercial lenders who chose to join  The Blackburne List includes all of the commercial lenders listed on

How to Buy the FULL List of 2,500 Commercial Lenders

This list of 2,500 commercial lenders - or the smaller regional lists - include the name of the lender, the loan officer, his address, his phone number, and often even his email address.

Do these commercial lenders have decent rates?  Do these commercial lenders really want to close commercial loans? Here is our guarantee:  If you close your commercial real estate loan with any commercial lender not on this list, we will gladly refund your money.  So what do you have to lose?

Click Here to Buy the List of 2,500 (or 750) Commercial Lenders

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